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Piano Comedy – Pachelbel Canon in D

Funny piano comedy version of Pachelbel’s canon in D by Pianotainment.

Piano comedy version: the original piece is based on a permanently repeated bass pattern (ostinato). The so called Pachelbel-schema is the chord sequence D – A – b – f# / G – D – G – A. It uses the stylistic parallelism and is being repeated 28 times in total. In the following video the bass pattern is also being repeated permanently while other popular pieces are being superimposed over it. An impressive demonstration that Johann Pachelbel may be the most copied composer of all time.

A „classic“ of plagiarism!

In the following piano comedy video there are 25 examples demonstrating how other popular composers were … let’s say „inspired“ by Johann Pachelbel and his canon in D.

The examples are split up in triple packs in order to make it more user friendly. Pace, rhythm and speed can change, but what always stays the same is the bass pattern of Johann Pachelbel. And here is the list of all the examples:

Streets of London (Ralph McTell)
Puff The Magic Dragon (Peter Yarrow)
A Whiter Shade of Pale (Procol Harum)

Tears in Heaven (Eric Clapton)
Basket Case (Green Day)
Yellow Submarine (The Beatles)

Cryin´ (Aerosmith)
No Woman No Cry (Bob Marley)
Jingle Bells (Traditional)

Can´t Help Falling in Love (Elvis Presley)
Spicks and Specks (Bee Gees)
C U When U Get There (Coolio)

Pomp and Circumstance (Edward Elgar)
Go West (Pet Shop Boys)
Crocodile Rock (Elton John)

Soviet national anthem
Scatman´s World (John Scatman)
When a Man loves a Woman (Percy Sledge)

It´s really interesting to see how many composers were inspired by this famous bass pattern from Johann Pachelbel. There are a much more songs which fits on this progression. We just showed the most famous ones. Hope you enjoyed.

(c) Pianotainment Piano Comedy

Piano Comedy Pachelbel

About Pianotainment
Both professional piano players since their early childhood Stephan Weh and Marcel Dorn, travel around the globe with their show called CRAZY CONCERT. New York, Dubai or Shanghai – everywhere they go they connect to the audience with their virtuosity and humor by creating a fascinating concert atmosphere.

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