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  • Conciertos en los seis (!) continentes
  • Premiado espectáculo de piano en cinco idiomas
  • Apariciones exóticas en televisión en MontenegroPeru, Iran y China
  • Escenas internacionales de A-Z (!):

Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. | Budapest, Hungary | Carácas, Venezuela | Dubai, U.A.E. | Essen, Germany | Foggia, Italy | Guayaquil, Ecuador | Hengelo, Netherlands | Innsbruck, Austria | Jinan, China | Kingston, Jamaica | Lima, Peru | Manama, Bahrain | New York, USA | Otranto, Italien | Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago | Quito, Ecuador | Regensburg, Germany | St. Moritz, Switzerland | Teheran, Iran | Utrecht, Netherlands | Varaždin, Croatia | Windhoek, Namibia | Xi’an, China | Yinchuan, China | Zurich, Switzerland

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Pianotainment se inició en 1996 por los dos pianistas alemanes Stephan Weh y Marcel Dorn. Los dos artistas humoristas de Baviera recibieron una intensa formación de piano clásico desde su infancia que complementaron posteriormente con una formación autodidáctica en jazz y blues.

Actualmente el dúo Pianotainment viaja alrededor del mundo para presentar su show “CRAZY CONCERT”. Ya sea en Nueva York, Dubái o Shanghái en todas partes del mundo se conectan con el público a través de su show virtuoso y divertido creando así una atmósfera de concierto fascinante.

Los dos pianistas extraordinarios logran hacer malabares a cuatro manos con música de piano clásica, pop y jazz. Tocando “Para Elisa” en tiempo lento o “El vuelo del moscardón” a una impresionante velocidad, jugando con pelotas de tenis o tocando el piano al revés, Pianotainment mantiene siempre el balance entre exigencia musical y espectáculo. 25.000 personas independientes del sector eligieron al dúo en el Top Ten del entretenimiento en Alemania (Conga Awards), y según el periódico alemán Süddeutsche Zeitung Pianotainment es considerado como el mejor „acto acrobático de piano“ en el mundo.


The piano duo Pianotainment® started in 1996 as has since been unchanged founded by the two German entertainers Stephan Weh (born 1976) and Marcel Dorn (born 1977). The two humerous gentlemen from Bavaria both underwent intensive classical piano training starting as toddlers before undergoing auto-didactical training in jazz and blues.

In the Asian hemisphere Mr Weh and Mr Dorn are well known as “Dabao & Xiaobao” where they tour on a regular basis. Further exotic tour trips took Pianotainment® to Caracas, Teheran und Bahrain. Their “coolest“ concert ever was performed at a temperatur of -5° Celcius on snow at the ski hall in Dubai!!!

  • 2006 Pianotainment® performed in Abu Dhabi at the inauguration of the Goethe-Institute hosted by German Foreign Minister Steinmeier.
  • 2007 Mr Weh and Mr Dorn were introduced into the exclusive round of Blüthner-Official-Artists, an exquisite list of world wide outstanding pianists.
  • 2008 more than 25.000 independent entertainment insiders voted the duo into Germany´s TOP TEN Entertainers circle (Conga Award).
  • 2009, 2011, 2013 and 2015 Mr Weh and Dorn were asked to be judges in the finals of the Irmler-piano-competition in Guangzhou/China. This biannuall event is the biggest of its kind world wide and takes place under the auspices of the Chinese President and the Federal President of Germany.

For the Goethe-Institute and the German Embassy Pianotainment so far played in …

ECUADOR: Cuenca, Guayaquil, Quito (2x)
JAMAIKA: Kingston
NAMIBIA: Swakopmund (2x), Windhuk
PERU: Lima (3x)
TRINIDAD & TOBAGO: Port of Spain, San Fernando
UKRAINE: Charkiw
V.A.E.: Abu Dhabi, Al Ayn, Dubai

In private Stephan & Marcel enjoy their time at home in Bavaria with their families. Both artists are married and have two children each. And that of course is the only but loveliest reason not be constantly touring….

Pianotainment® appeared on TV nationally and internationally:

      mdr     br       cctv        rpp              itn             montenegro-rtcg

No matter if a Business-Gala or a private Venue:

Your event deserves a personalized cutting edge and structured entertainment event. One to three spectacular Best-of-Show highlights (10-45 min.) structure the evening exactly as required also providing a great deal of spontaneity or dynamics at any given moment.

Smaller venues give the audience a closeness to the artists that creates a tension free atmosphere and opens the doors for a more personal encounter. Renowned concert venues, such as World Opera houses and Concert Halls on the other hand, bring out the excitement of Pianotainment world class act presented in an irresistible live show.

The Pianotainment Service:

  • Charming (optionally multilingual) moderation of the entire evening!
  • integration of current events into the show-elements
  • Give-Away-Tip: The personalized Pianotainment®-CD!

The Pianotainment Guarantee:

  • Uncomplicated venue layout for easy execution of the show.
  • Original show with high expectations but super entertaining at the same time.
  • International proven (see references below) and therefore a low risk venue.

The technical equipment (overhead camera for the keys), frontal face camera, video and audio inserters, live directing, movie screen (max 4m x 2.8m or 13” x 9”feet), special key lighting, high quality piano microphones can be suppliedwithout extra cost to the promotor and will be operated by us as well. The grand piano and projector can be organized as well.

A Pianotainment Show Concert …

… is truly a world class act apart and therefore a little difficult to put into words. The award-winning „crossover“-programs are not mistakenly called CRAZY CONCERT. Fancy four handed piano arrangements of classic, pop and jazz merge with spectacular show-elements and witty humour into a fantastic concert experience. Unique in the world!!!


Pianotainment® stands for a brilliant all-round piano show with plenty of fun! Sparkling wit, four handed virtuosity and wacky entertainment create a fascinating concert experience for young and old alike. Get ready and let yourself be dazzled by enchanting musical ideas that will guaranteed stick to your ears, rub your soul and make you smile ….

Playing time: 2 x ca 50 minutes


Once more Pianotainment® will charmingly take you away into the wide world of piano music. After the worldwide success with the first program the expectations were extremely high to outperform the previous show … And they did!!! In the best tradition of witty esprit and amazing virtuosity, they once more created a breathtaking and adventurous piano night!

Playing time: 2 x ca 50 minutes

Press Commentaries

„Just crazy what both performed on the piano“ – FOCUS
„Cultural high light“ – BILD
„Virtuosity time 2“ – Tastenwelt
„Piano-acrobats“ – Süddeutsche Zeitung
„Brilliant show“ – Welt am Sonntag
„Record breaking flight of the bumble bee“ – Berliner Abendblatt
„Witty show with musical finesse“ – Mallorca Zeitung

REFERENCIAS de conciertos

Forbidden City Concert Hall, Pekín | Ópera, Leipzig | Royal Court Theatre, Queen Mary 2 | Filarmónico, Berlín | Vahdat Hall, Teherán | Stadttheater, Baden cerca Vienna | Trinidad & Tobago Auditorio, Puerto de España | Ópera, Bayreuth | Teatro Alexander-von-Humboldt, Caracas | Gasteig, Múnich | Instituto Goethe, Lima | Festspielhaus, Füssen | DUCTAC Theatre, Dubái | Classic Open, Leipzig | Ópera, Cantón | …


EXPO 2010, Shanghái | José-Carreras-Gala, Leipzig | Instituto Goethe, Abu Dabi | Copa Mundial de Fútbol 2006, Múnich | IBM Europa, Budapest | Filarmónico, Berlín | Gala de noche vieja, St. Moritz | Miele Europa, Hamburgo | Vahdat Hall, Teherán | Opera Ball, Leipzig | MAN, Dubái | Volkswagen Autostadt, Wolfsburgo | The Ritz-Carlton, Bahréin | RTL, Colonia | Lufthansa, Frankfurt | Mercedes-Benz, Stuttgart | Queen Mary 2, New York | …