Fur Elise Piano Jazz Version – Beethoven 12th Street Rag Piano – Bowman arr. Pianotainment

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12th Street Rag Piano – Bowman by Pianotainment

12th Street Rag Piano Version by Pianotainment

This is a spectacular high-speed arrangement by Pianotainment of the famous 12th Street Rag.

„Twelfth Street Rag“ was composed by Euday L. Bowman in 1914. A friend of Bowman’s known only as „Raggedy Ed“ declared his intention to open a pawn shop on 12th Street while the two were walking along it. Bowman is rumored to have said „If you get rich on those three balls I’ll write a piece on three notes to make myself rich“. The result was „The 12th Street Rag“, one of the most famous and best-selling rags of the ragtime era.

Euday Bowman was born and lived in Tarrant County, TX. The area, originally named Bowman Springs after his grandfather, was renamed Webb around 1895, and is now a suburb of Fort Worth. His parents divorced when he was young and his mother moved the family to Fort Worth. Both his mother and sister were piano teachers.

Much of what is thought to be known about Euday is based writings of Brun Campbell and there are significant errors. He is the source of the only known photo of Euday. It appears to be a mugshot and is of questionable authenticity. He did not lose a leg and he did not die without heirs. In fact, when Brun wrote that, 24 claimants were involved in a lawsuit establishing the legitimate heirs.

Although many sources indicate Euday lost a leg when he tried to hop a train, that event happened to his cousin and resulted in a lawsuit ultimately decided by the Texas Supreme Court.[2]

In his teens and early twenties, Bowman traveled around as pianist. Bowman was also an arranger for popular orchestras. He lived together with his sister, Miss Mary M. Bowman, who wrote a part of Twelfth Street Rag. Bowman sold the copyright to the song for just $100. Many years later he regained the copyright, having lost out on the royalties earned by the publisher through the many successful interpretations of that rag by artists like Louis Armstrong (1927), Bennie Moten (1927), Duke Ellington (1931), and Pee Wee Hunt (1948). Other works of his include Petticoat Lane Rag,Colorado Blues, Kansas City Blues, Fort Worth Blues, Tipperary Blues, Shamrock Rag, White Lily Dreams, and Old Glory On Its Way.

12thstreet rag

About Pianotainment
Both professional piano players since their early childhood Stephan Weh and Marcel Dorn, travel around the globe with their show called CRAZY CONCERT. New York, Dubai or Shanghai – everywhere they go they connect to the audience with their virtuosity and humor by creating a fascinating concert atmosphere.

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